Business Studies


Mr C Gough – Curriculum Leader ICT & BS

Miss C Bielby – Deputy Head Teacher

Mr A Curran – Teacher of ICT


Business Studies exists to facilitate an awareness of the commercial world. The subject seeks to provide young people with a knowledge of enterprise and spark entrepreneurial talents. Leaners will investigate local, national and international business organisations. The courses offered at Corpus Christi Catholic College offer opportunity for progression and further specialism in a range of business related areas.


GCSE Business Studies

This course features 3 units of work which cover the full range of business organisations in terms of their ownership, size, aims & objectives. Learners will study the key functional areas of Marketing, Finance & Accountancy, Human Resources and Production. The course is assessed by 2 examined units and a Controlled Assessment which involves an investigation into a local business.

Unit      Title   Value When studied
Unit 2 Growing as a Business 37.50% Year 11
Unit 1 Setting up a Business 37.50% Year 10
Unit 3 Investigating Businesses 25%  Year 10

GCSE Business Communication Systems

Where Business Studies meets ICT. This course explores how ICT can be used to support the activities of a Business.  This course is firmly focussed on the workplace and the inner workings and systems of a business organisation.  It will explore aspects such as data management and manipulation, communication systems, workplace organisation and e-commerce. The course is assessed by 2 examined units and a Controlled Assessment.

Unit  Title   Value When studied
Unit 8 ICT Systems in Business 37.50% Year 10
Unit 10 Using ICT Systems in Business 25% Year 10
Unit 9 Growing as a Business 37.50%  Year 11

Extra-Curricular Activities

Each year students participate in the Pro-Share Student Investor competition which involves competing with other students, and teachers from around the UK to invest virtual money on the stock exchange.

Recent Visits to support learning have taken place to

  • HSBC Direct, Leeds
  • Coca Cola Enterprises
  • The Milk Bar, Hebden Bridge
  • Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa, Colton

Guest Speaker

  • Barclays Bank – Money Skills