Mr C Gough – Curriculum Leader ICT & Business Studies

Mr A Curran – Teacher of ICT

ICT & Computing is an ever evolving subject area that aims to provide our young people with skills for the digital world. Across key stages students will engage in both the design and use of computer programs to acquire a broad and balanced skill set. Following studies at Key Stage 3 and 4, students can access a wide range of related progression opportunities in further education.

Key Stage 3

A creative theme is applied to quickly engage our Year 7 leaners in the curriculum. The year features both written (MS Small Basic) and visual (Scratch) programming units together with the use of creative applications such as Google Sketch-up. Progression into Year 8 continues with study on computer hardware and the working of a computer, to web design using Adobe Dreamweaver and html. Throughout Key Stage 3, the department maintains a strong ‘e’ safety theme to ensure that students become safe and responsible users of ICT.

OCR Cambridge National Award in ICT

This course features 4 units of work of which 1 is set as a written examination and the others are assessed by a coursework portfolio. Following completion of the mandatory units in Year 10, students will have the opportunity to follow either the Creative Strand (Units 5 & 6) or the Technical Strand (Units 8 & 9).

Unit Title Value When studied
Unit 1 Understanding Computer Systems 25% EX  Year 10
Unit 2 Using ICT to Create Business Solutions 25% CW Year 10
Unit 6 Creating Digital Images 25% CW Year 11*
Unit 5 Creating an Interactive Product 25% CW Year 11*
Unit 8 Introduction to Computer Programming 25% CW Year 11*
Unit 9 Exploring Computer Hardware 25% CW Year 11*

*Learners will choose either Units 5 & 6 or Units 8 & 9

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Lunchtime access to ICT suites is available for students to work on projects such as Kodu game design.
  • The department runs after school coursework support twice weekly to support Key Stagev4 students with coursework