Dance & Drama


C Stott – Curriculum Leader

A Thompson Teacher of  Dance and Drama
Mr Kelly – Teacher of Music

Dance – Aims and Philosophy

Dance is a popular and exciting subject and is taught within Key Stage 3 . In addition to developing as a dancer in performance, composition and evaluation, students learn life skills such as self- discipline, team work and increased confidence in preparation for adulthood. They also develop their fitness and learn the importance of being reliable and co-operative.

Dance is taught through the P.E. curriculum once a week, exploring professional dance works and a variety of styles including hip- hop, contemporary, salsa, rock ‘n’ roll and musical theatre.

Key Stage 3

Set Study – Performance skills (Timing and energy)
Composition skills (Unison, Canon and Direction)
West Side Story: Performance Skills (Character, Focus, Composition skills, Dynamics)
Grease / Mirror: Composition (Development, Communication, Structure)
IT Set Study: Composition (Development, Communication, Structure)
Styles / Genre: Composition and Performance skills (Different stylistic features)
Contact Improvisation: Technique (Control, Tension, Fluidity)

Drama – Aims and Philosophy

Drama is an exciting and challenging subject taught within Key Stage 3. In addition to developing as an actor in performance, direction and evaluation, students learn life skills such as self- discipline, team work and increased confidence in preparation for adult hood. They also develop creative skills and learn the importance of being reliable and co- operative.

Drama is taught once a week to year 7, exploring a variety of themes, issues, scripts and styles such as Musical Theatre, Horror, Melodrama and Improvisation.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • Darkwood Manor
  • West Side Story
  • Emily Pollock
  • Improvisation
  • Performance

The areas assessed in Drama consist of: Planning, Rehearsal, Voice and Language, Movement and Space and Evaluation.

A wide range of exciting extra-curricular activities and opportunities are provided by the Dance and Drama Department to challenge and support students. These are all run in the newly built studio comprising of lighting rig, ballet barr, mirrors and high tech sound system. Weekly lunch clubs in Dance and Drama are attended by large numbers such as: Key stage 3 Performing Arts clubs (drama and dance), Lads dance, Dance Company, Production Club and Chaplaincy Project.

Regular Performance platforms and exciting opportunities for students to enhance their skills and share their work are frequent in Performing Arts. Students can perform in the Christmas and Summer Performing Arts Showcases, for audiences within the local community such as ‘The O.A.P.Christmas Show’. They can participate in projects run by Northern Contemporary Dance and mentoring schemes which provide students experience with running dance and drama workshops for local primary feeder schools.

Opportunities to represent the school and perform to the wider community have included events such as being placed third out of forty schools in the ‘Leeds Partnership Dance Competition’, performing a cheerleading routine at the ‘Olympic Torch Relay’ Event alongside 1000 students across the city in 2012, and chance to attend variety of organised theatre trips.