Year Leaders

Year leaders oversee all aspects of pupil achievement and progress and Pastoral care, guidance and support.

Mr A Kellett – Assistant Headteacher for personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare KS4 Year 11
Mr Kevin Sweetman – Student Progress Leader Years 10
Mrs J Pollock – Student Progress Leader Year 9
Miss L Hacking – Student Progress Leader Year 7, 8 and Transition
Mrs A Vose – Year Manager Year 11
Mr B Carey – Year Manager Year 10
Miss Rachel Lee – Year Manager Year 9
Miss Catherine Mulholland – Year Manager Year 7, 8 and Transition
Miss Lorraine Yates Safeguarding Lead
Julie Moxon Inclusion Lead
Ben Potter Inclusion Manager
Jenny Lawton Attendance Improvement Outreach Lead
Ann Hartley Attendance Administrator
Caroline Durkin Pastoral Administrator