Business Studies


Mr D Stones – Lead Teacher of Business

Mr A Curran – Lead Teacher of Computing



Subject Specifications:

Current Year 11 Edexcel GCSE Business (A*-G). To find out more click Edexcel GCSE Business

Current Year 10 AQA GCSE Business(1-9). To find out more click here AQA GCSE Business 1-9

Year 9

Introduction to BTEC FIRST Business.  During this year students will take part in various activities and lesson tasks to give them an accurate insight into Business and Enterprise. This introductory course will aim to enable students to learn about:

  • self-employment
  • marketing
  • finance
  • retail
  • business management

This is an introductory course will lead towards students having the opportunity to study a BTEC FIRST in Business in Years 10 and 11 staring in September 2018. Students will then be able to access and study units including: ·

  • Unit 1: Enterprise and the Business Environment ·
  • Unit 2: Finance for Business
  • Unit 3: Promoting a Brand
  • Unit 8: Recruitment, Selection and Employment

Year 10

GCSE Business Studies introduction:

  • Actively engage in the study of business and economics to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.
  • Use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts and opinions, to build arguments and make informed judgements.
  • Develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in a range of local, national and global contexts.
  • Appreciate the range of perspectives of different stakeholders in relation to business and economic activities.
  • Consider the extent to which business and economic activity can be ethical and sustainable.
Year 10 (AQA 1-9, new specification)
Students work through 3 units that provide them with a clear and develop understanding of the roles, purposes and impact of businesses on them and the wider community and society.
Focus units: 
Business in the Real World (3.1)
Influences on Business (3.2)
Business Operations (3.3)

Year 11

Year 11 (AQA 1-9, new specification, current Year 10)  Year 11 (Edexcel A*-G, current Year 11)
Students work through 3 units that provide them with a clear and develop understanding of the work, activities and purposes of large businesses that make up our economy and also affects international trade. Students work through 3 units that investigate both small business enterprises and growing business operations. Assessment is by combination of written examination and
Focus units:  Focus units: 
Human Resources (3.4)

Marketing (3.5)

Finance (3.6)

Unit 1: Students work through foundation unit that provide them with a clear and develop understanding of the work, activities and purposes of small businesses that make up our economy.

Unit 1 Exam Content

1.1 Spotting a Business Opportunity

1.2 Showing enterprise

1.3 Putting a business idea into practice

1.4 Making the start-up effective

1.5 The Economic Context

Unit: 3 Investigating Small Businesses

Students work through a developed unit that focuses on both developing their knowledge of the roles, operations and activities of business in a business report and then in a national and international setting.

Unit 3: Building Businesses

3.1 Marketing

3.2 Meeting Customer Needs

3.3 Finance

3.4 Human Resources

3.5 Wider Business Environment

Unit 2 – Investigating Small Business

Controlled Assessment

AssessmentStudents will sit two exam papers at the end of the course (Year 11) which form the overall assessment.

Paper 1; Influences of operations and HRM on business activity (50%)

Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity (50%)

AsssessmentUnit 1; Introduction to Small Business (45 mins – 25%

Students will sit one multiple choice exam paper at the end of the course (Year 11) which form the overall assessment for this unit.

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment Task (25%)

Unit 3; Building a Business (50%)

Students will sit the Unit 3 exam paper at the end of the course (Year 11) and submit a Controlled Assessment which form the overall assessment

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Business Department Workshops, every Wednesday (Year 10) and Friday (Year 11)
  • Revision and skill development workshops after school and during half terms (details will be sent out to parents nearer to relevant dates and times)
  • Enterprise Activities – ranging from Internal College activities to Mosaic Challenge and Young Enterprise
  • Planned Excursions and Incursions with local businesses to provide students with practical insights into how they operate

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