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Corpus Christi Catholic College

Laborare est orare, to work is to pray



Faculty Leader

Mrs C King – Faculty Leader Global Studies

Teaching Staff

Miss F Cameron – Teacher for History and SCITT Lead Tutor for History

Mrs L Collinson – Lead Teacher of History

Miss A Swales – Teacher of Geography

Mr N Coy – Teacher of Geography

Mrs N Qadri – Assistant Principal




At Corpus Christi Catholic College, Humanities is taught as two separate subjects, Geography and History.

The Geography department aims to stimulate an interest in places and help students make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world.

The History department aims to develop knowledge and understanding of present existing social, political, religious and economic conditions as well as nurturing student’s attitudes towards respecting other religions, cultures and diversity in general.

The department aims for students to develop the skills to look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly and to express their own opinions.

Year 9 create a Hadley Cell
Year 9 create a Hadley Cell

Geography KS3

In Year 7, students study three one hour lessons per fortnight. In Year 8, students study one hour per week.

  • Dangerous World – Natural hazards
  • Our World – The British Isles
  • Developing World – Issues in Africa
  • Lost World – Map skills
  • Emerging World – India and China
  • Frozen World – Glaciation
  • Water World – River and flooding
  • Shrinking World – Globalisation
  • Arid World – Desert landscapes
  • Changing World – Climate change
  • Investigative world – Fieldwork

History KS3

In Year 7, students study one hour per week. In Year 8, this increases to three one hour lessons per fortnight.

Year 7

  • History skills – Chronology and source work
  • The Stormin’ Normans – Norman Conquest
  • Castles
  • Muck and Misery in Medieval times
  • Religious Rollercoaster – Medieval church and Tudors

Year 8

  • The Slave Trade
  • Civil Rights in the USA – Martin Luther King
  • Vile Victorian Life – Living conditions in the Victorian period
  • The war to end all wars – World War 1


Students have the option to choose Geography, History or both at GCSE. Students study four one hour lessons per fortnight in Year 9 and five one hour lessons per fortnight in Years 10 and 11.


Subject Specification Geography: AQA GCSE Geography The course is linear and comprises of three examinations. For further information, please click here AQA GCSE Geography 

Year 9

  • Tectonic hazards – earthquakes
  • Urban growth in LICs – focus on Rio de Janeiro
  • Weather hazards – Tropical storms and Extreme Weather in the UK
  • Resources in the UK – focus on Water

Year 10

  • River and flooding
  • Urban growth in HICs – focus on Leeds
  • Ecosystems – focus on Tropical rainforests and Deserts
  • Coasts
  • Climate change
  • Economic Geography – focus on India

Year 11

  • Fieldwork and write up
  • Issue Evaluation preparation
  • Revision and preparation for exam


Subject Specification History: OCR GCSE History B. The course is linear and comprises of 3 examinations.  For further information, please click here. OCR GCSE History B

Year 9

  • Rise of Hitler and Holocaust
  • The People’s Health 1250 to present
  • Living under Nazi Rule 1933-1945

Year 10

  • Viking Expansion c750-1050
  • The Norman Conquest 1065-1087
  • History Around Us – Fountains Abbey

Year 11

  • Exam skills for Vikings and Germany
  • Exam skills for Peoples health and Normans
  • Exam skills for History Around Us

Extra-Curricular Activities

Fieldwork is a very important part of Geography and History at KS4. Geography Students have the opportunity to collect primary data for their fieldwork study. Recently this trip has comprised a visit to Hornsea and York.  Hstory pupils visit Fountains Abbey as part of their History Around Us topic.

Year 11 intervention is held every Tuesday, 3-4 pm on week B and 4-5pm on week A.

Useful Links and Resources

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