PSHCE Co-ordinator : Mrs A Thompson

Cyberbully Performance

The ‘Corpus Anti-Bullying Crew’ reached the final of a competition run by West Yorkshire Police with a rap scene and dance promoting their message, ‘Block it, Report it, Don’t keep it to yourself!’

PSHCE stands for Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Wellbeing. This subject seeks to teach students about the practicalities of our fast paced modern world. Students are taught a wide range of skills and knowledge so they can cope with the varied experiences of life, and ensure that they are safe and grow up to be happy, healthy and fulfilled individuals.

Latest News

Great Ambassadors

It has been a a busy and productive year to date for groups of students involved in the wider PSHCE curriculum.

Girls Breaking Barriers

Girls Breaking Barriers

A group of girls involved in the ‘Getaway Girls’ project were among 200 participants from across the UK to participate in Girls Breaking Barriers. This was an opportunity to have their say on some of the key barriers facing girls and young women in the UK and around the world in a debate at the House of Lords.

Our PSHCE Ambassadors have also been busy working on number of projects, most notably helping to plan and organise the very successful Year 9 Health Fair.

PSHCE Ambassadors

PSHCE Ambassadors

The role of the PSHCE Ambassador involves working as a team to support the running and delivery of the PSHCE curriculum.  Helping ensure that PSHCE lessons run smoothly by supporting assigned year groups, producing and updating resources for the college website and PSHCE information boards and preparing and delivering assemblies on PSHCE issues.

Theses students have been extremely pro-active in their ambassador roles so far and are currently preparing a short film on PSHCE & British Values to be shown in assemblies.

YEAR 7 PSHCE course outline:

Programme of Study Outline

  • A place to Learn
  • Safety Education (Risks)
  • Resolving conflict (Bullying)
  • Citizenship (Community Cohesion)
  • Drug Education (Alcohol)
  • Careers Education / Economic Wellbeing & financial Capability
  • Hygiene Talk

YEAR 8 PSHCE course outline:

  • Citizenship (Area committees)
  • Careers Education / Economic Wellbeing & financial Capability
  • Drug Education (Alcohol/Tobacco)
  • Citizenship (human rights) Children’s rights/ Children without rights/ Race equality.
  • Health & Safety
  • Citizenship (community cohesion)
  • Interactive day based on raising aspirations

YEAR 9 PSHCE course outline:

  • Citizenship (Media and Young people)
  • Citizenship (Law and Justice)
  • Careers Education / Economic Wellbeing & financial Capability
  • Drug Education (Alcohol)
  • Citizenship (human rights)
  • Year 9 Health Fair

YEAR 10 PSHCE course outline:

  • Careers Education / Economic Wellbeing & financial Capability
  • Citizenship
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Emotional Health
  • Citizenship (respect and responsibility)
  • Drug Education (Cannabis)

YEAR 11 PSHCE course outline:

  • Citizenship project (covering a range of the PSHCE topics)
  • Revision skills
  • Interactive day based on Study skills

Full details of the teaching timetable for this year can be downloaded from the link timetable

Further information on the programme of study for year 7 can be downloaded from the following link.

Information on how to make sure your child is eating well can be downloaded from the links below;

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