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Laborare est orare, to work is to pray

Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Remote Learning Policies & Information

Our Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Information for Parents

Support with Google Classrooms

If any students have problems with Google Classrooms, please contact your class teacher.  Please do not ring the College telephone number.

Lockdown Literacy

World Book Day Competition

Guess Who 1 Guess Who 2


Can you identify the staff behind the books? Have a go to be in with the chance of winning a World Book Day prize. Complete the forms and hand into Ms Busby in the library by Friday the 12th of March.

Years 7 to 9 Literacy 

Years 7-9 reading focus until the 8th of March will be on non-fiction reading.

Please use the programme called ‘The Day’ accessed via RM unify and read at least one article, every day, four times a week . Choose a different article each day. You may choose anything you would like to read from ‘The Day’. Each day complete the summary questions found on the resource in your form area on Google Classrooms and then if you can, challenge yourself to complete the ‘You decide’ questions.

Please submit your completed work at the end of the week to Google Classrooms.

Years 10 & 11 Literacy

Years 10-11 reading focus until the 8th of March will be on non-fiction reading.  Please try to read three articles per week from the resource provided on Google Classrooms and complete the summary five questions sheet for each article and submit to Google Classrooms.

By Friday the 5th of March the expectation is that you will have complete the reading of articles 1-6 and answered the five summary questions for each article.

Please find attached your World Book Day Book Token. All instructions of how this can be used can be found on the document. Click on the graphic below.
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 & 11
Literacy Information for Parents link link link link
Literacy Guidance for Students link link link link

Additional Student Support

Help and Support for Students

Leeds Prevent – Online Safety Advice for Parents

Ideas for protecting your Social, Emotional and Mental Health (downloads as MS PowerPoint)


Additional Subject Resources

BBC Bitesize

The National Academy



Seneca Learning BBC Bitesize YouTube w3schools -Python


Go Construct


Design Technology

Technology Student Seneca Learning BBC Bitesize



Year 10 MacBeth
Renaissance Learning Seneca Learning BBC Bitsize 1 BBC Bitesize 2 Oxnotes
Lexia PowerUp


Food & Nutrition

Food a Fact of Life Seneca Learning BBC Bitesize



***The Geography department will be setting Seneca assignments every Tuesday for Year 9 and 10.*** 
Seneca Learning Cool Geography BBC Bitesize 1 BBC Bitesize 2 Education Quizzes
Internet Geography Paperless Teaching Map Zone World Geography Games Geoguessr
Top Class Geography Quiz



Seneca Learning BBC Bitesize



Hegarty Maths Corbett Maths Maths Genie My Maths



Pearson Active Learn Quizlet Seneca Learning (AQA GCSE Spanish) Languages Online (for grammar) Linguascope
Lyrics Training Memrise (AQA GCSE Spanish) This is Language 



Teach PE Quizzes echalk BBC Bitesize The Ever Learner You Tube
Seneca Learning



BBC Bitesize AQA Assessment Resources You Tube



Pearson Active Learn SharePoint Focus Learning Educake BBC Bitesize


Specialist Resource Base 

Mathletics Phonicsplay Phonicsbloom Topmarks Learn English Kids
Fun English Games BBC Bitesize 1 BBC Bitesize 2 BBC Bitesize 3 Numbots 


Travel & Tourism

Visit York Visit Liverpool Visit Portsmouth Visit Hull Visit Cambridge
Visit London Visit Blackpool Visit Scarborough Visit Whitby Discover Filey
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