Remote Learning Resources

Pupils work together in library


Please find below a subject by subject list of learning to be undertaken off site. Work will be added to this page and updated in the event of a college closure.

Updated 8.6.2020

A reminder for all parents to check Class Charts for up to date subject specific tasks set by class teachers. Any students requiring a reminder of their code should email Please also see the link below for additional  homeschooling resources for all year groups.

Home Learning Resources – link

Home Learning Subject by Subject – link

In addition to the remote learning resources provided below, we encourage all students to use the BBC Bitesize and National Academy online learning platforms. These providers are adding new multimedia learning content each week covering a range of subjects.  We trust that these additional resources will continue to support students’ home learning during this period of college closure.

BBC Bitesize Link

The National Academy Link

The following letters to parents explains the college contingency plans for remote learning  link


Ideas for protecting your Social, Emotional and Mental Health link (downloads as MS PowerPoint)

IT Support 

Most external providers will have their own procedures for re-setting passwords and login details.  Where there is query regarding a log-in for a college based resource please email it@corpusleeds for assistance. Please be advised that the college cannot provide support for personal devices such as laptops, PC’s and home broadband.

College Email and Systems. 

For students to access college email and Sharepoint resources you will need to log in via RM Unify link.  The login is your college email address which is username followed by


The password is the same as used to login to ICT at the college.


Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Seneca Learning BBC Bitesiz  e  YouTube  w3schools -Python 



 Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Go Construct


Design Technology

Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Technology Student Seneca Learning BBC Bitesize



Date Issued Links
11.5.20 Year 10 Video Link
23.3.20 Renaissance Learning Seneca Learning BBC Bitsize 1 BBC Bitesize 2 Oxnotes
Lexia PowerUp


Food & Nutrition

Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Food a Fact of Life Seneca Learning BBC Bitesize


***The Geography department will be setting Seneca assignments every Tuesday for Year 9 and 10.*** 
Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Seneca Learning Cool Geography BBC Bitesize 1 BBC Bitesize 2 Education Quizzes
Internet Geography Paperless Teaching Map Zone World Geography Games Geoguessr
Top Class Geography Quiz



Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Seneca Learning BBC Bitesize



Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Hegarty Maths Corbett Maths Maths Genie My Maths



Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Pearson Active Learn Quizlet Seneca Learning (AQA GCSE Spanish) Languages Online (for grammar) Linguascope 
Lyrics Training Memrise (AQA GCSE Spanish) This is Language 



Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Teach PE Quizzes echalk BBC Bitesize The Ever Learner You Tube
Seneca Learning



Date Issued Links
23.3.20 BBC Bitesize AQA Assessment Resources You Tube



Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Pearson Active Learn SharePoint Focus Learning Educake BBC Bitesize


Specialist Resource Base 

Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Mathletics Phonicsplay Phonicsbloom Topmarks Learn English Kids
Fun English Games BBC Bitesize 1 BBC Bitesize 2 BBC Bitesize 3 Numbots 


Travel & Tourism

Date Issued Links
23.3.20 Visit York Visit Liverpool Visit Portsmouth Visit Hull Visit Cambridge
Visit London Visit Blackpool  Visit Scarborough Visit Whitby Discover Filey