Behaviour and Expectations

We aim to foster a welcoming, caring Christian learning environment where strong relationships are built on mutual respect and consideration for others. All staff are committed to maintaining high expectations of good behaviour in order  to positively encourage and enable each student to fulfil their own potential and to assure their happiness and well-being during their time at the College.

The College Behaviour for Learning Policy has been produced in line with the latest DFE guidance and recommendations, and in line with Section 89 (1) of the Education and Inspectors Act 2006

The Headteacher must set out all measures which aim to; 

Promote good behaviour, self-discipline and respect, prevent bullying, ensure that pupils complete assigned work; and which regulates the conduct of pupils.

DFE- Behaviour and Discipline 2016


Detention System 11.2020 link

Behaviour for Learning Policy, Information for Parents – Policy under review (09/2020).  Click the link for our Student Positive Behaviour Policy link

Behaviour  and Discipline in Schools, Advice for Headteachers and school staff, 2016 link