Guidance on College Uniform

For your reference you may download the following information here.

The wearing of college uniform is required at all times. It is designed to be comfortable, hard wearing and smart. All clothing should be clearly marked with the owners’ name in order that any misplaced clothing may be returned quickly. Our uniform and PE / Games kit are available from;

Rawcliffes School Centre
617-619 Rounday Road
Tel:  0113 2494025
Online: www.schoolwearsolutions.co.uk








Regarding the NEW college uniform, all year 7 pupils will be expected to wear it from September 2016. All other pupils are expected to buy it when their current uniform needs replacing.


College Blazer

  • The wearing of the college blazer is compulsory when moving around college but may be removed in lessons at the discretion of the teacher.
  • The wearing of the college jumper is optional but nothing other than a white shirt and the college jumper may be worn under the blazer.



  • Trousers are not to be fashion trousers, jeans or trousers that are tight
  • around the legs. They should not have external zips
  • Black belts may be worn, however different coloured belts, large belts or fashion belts are not permitted.
  • Leggings are not to be worn.



  • Skirts are to be black and knee length and should not have long slits at the side.
  • Skirts which are too short or too tight are not permitted.
  • Tights are to be plain black – not patterned. If socks are worn they are to
  • be plain black.



  • Your child requires a white shirt/blouse that buttons at the collar. This is
  • particularly important as clip on ties will only attach to a fully buttoned shirt.
  • Students are expected to have their shirt tucked in at all times.
  • Shirts should not be too tight.



  • All students must wear a clip on tie at all times.



  • Rawcliffes stock appropriate school coats as well as a black waterproof jacket which has the college badge.
  • Denim jackets, tracksuit tops, hoodies, sweatshirts and any other item of clothing that is not part of our college uniform should not be worn.
  • Coats are not to be worn whilst inside the college building.



  • College shoes are to be formal black shoes with a black sole.
  • Boots, black trainers or trainer style shoes, black canvas pumps and backless slip-on shoes are not permitted. (Should a student have a medical note from a doctor regarding footwear, please contact the relevant Year manager who will arrange a meeting)


Baseball Caps

  • Baseball caps are not to be worn.



  • Only one small round gold or silver stud can be worn in one or both earlobes.
  • Body piercing is not permissible.
  • Jewellery such as rings, wrist bands, bangles, bracelets and other such accessories are not permitted.
  • Students who wear jewellery will have it confiscated and it will not be returned until the last week of that particular half term. This includes those students who are seen wearing jewellery coming into or leaving college.


Make up

  • Lipstick, eye shadow and eye liner are not allowed, however the discreet use of light foundation and mascara are acceptable but only in Years 9, 10 and 11.
  • Fake tan and any other similar products, which are clearly visible, are not permitted.
  • Neither coloured nails nor long nails which are unsuitable for school are permitted.


Hair Colour / Hairstyles

  • The colouring of parts of the hair e.g. where there is a complete contrast to the main colour is not permitted. Hair colour which is not considered to be natural e.g. blues and purples, are not permitted.
  • Students are not to have their hair cut very short (No shorter than blade/ grade 2) or have large variation between hair length in different parts without it being blended in.
  • Having lines or patterns cut into their hairstyle, e.g. v-cuts, is not acceptable.
  • Students with long hair must ensure this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk.
  • Older male students should be clean shaven.


PE Kit

The PE kit has been designed to cater for the broad range of sporting activities that take place in our PE lessons. Students are informed in advance of their PE lesson which items of the PE kit they will require. Only when there is a risk to safety (e.g. frozen playing fields) will activities be re-located to an indoor venue.

Compulsory Kit (Boys and Girls)

  • Polo Shirt – Purple with white trim & Corpus Christi badge for indoor lessons and summer term outdoor lessons.
  • Reversible Rugby Shirt – Black/Purple with the Corpus Christi badge for
  • outdoor lessons.
  • Shorts – Black with white trim.
  • Football Socks – Plain black.
  • Trainers – Suitable for sport e.g. appropriate grip and ankle support. Fashion trainers are not permitted.
  • Football Boots.


Optional Kit Items for Outdoor Activities

  • Jogging Bottoms – Plain black with the Corpus Christi badge.
  • Skins – Plain black and should be worn under the polo or rugby shirt for lessons.


Kit Policy

If your child is unable to take part in their PE lesson due to medical reasons please provide a note via the Learning Journal.

Your child is expected to bring their PE kit to the lesson regardless of whether they are able to participate in the practical activity or not – their learning may take place through participation as a coach or official.

Please label all PE kit clearly with your child’s name. Any kit that is lost will need to be replaced.

All PE kit can be bought from Rawcliffes. A discount is available when you buy a full compulsory kit package.


BTEC Performing Arts Uniform

  • Plain black t-shirt.
  • Comfortable black/grey bottoms.
  • Company t-shirts for performance.




The Internet

Whilst the internet is an excellent means of communication we ask parents/carers to supervise the use of social internet sites from home. Use of Social media is the responsibility of the child and Parent/carer.


The Learning Journal

All students are expected to purchase a Learning Journal (£5) from the college. Regular monitoring takes place to ensure students are using their journals correctly. The learning journal is an excellent means of communication between home and college and we encourage parents/carers to use it as a means of tracking their child’s progress.


Equipment for School

Students are expected to have a black and green pen, pencil, ruler and rubber. They also need a Scientific calculator, protractor and compass. All Year 7 and 8’s need a Spanish Dictionary. In the event of a student forgetting or losing equipment, items can be purchased from the breakfast club. Bags should be big enough to hold A4 size books and files. Small bags such as boot bags are not suitable.


Electronic Equipment

Students are not permitted to use electronic equipment e.g. mobile phones and iPods/MP3 players on the college site.

If a device is seen or heard it will be confiscated.

  • In the first instance it will be returned at the end of the school day and lunchtime detention given.
  • On the second instance it will be returned at the end of the school week or when a parent/carer collects it and after school detention given.
  • Persistent offenders (more than two instances) will have their equipment confiscated and it will only be returned once parents/carers have made an appointment to meet with the relevant Progress Leader. The student will also be given an after school detention.

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing costly items to the college and does so on the understanding that the college does not accept any responsibility if this item goes missing.


Health & Wellbeing

The college promotes a healthy lifestyle for all and as such it is a smoke free environment. Carbonated drinks, energy drinks, crisps and chewing-gum are not permitted. These items will be confiscated and a sanction given if seen. Pupils are not permitted to sell or distribute food, drinks or anything else.