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Student Leadership Team

20 May 2022 (by admin)

Introducing our new Student Leadership Team:

> Head Boy- Nathan Howley
> Deputy Head Boy- Alexander Catubag

> Head Girl- Blessing Ekuatian Dundo
> Deputy Head Girl- Philomena Chege

The following are the individuals working together as prefects:

> Poppy Morgan
> Erika Yemeli
> Anna Murray
> Macauley Betteridge
> Hayden Cowling
> Jacob Land
> Bob Latham
> Tenzin Namdol
> Makeme Karantao
> Dylan Silverwood
> Chioma Nkemdilim

"Congratulations to all students involved in this- they really made themselves and the school proud with their applications, and passion for representing the school and wider community" - Ms Hudson-Frost (Head of Upper School)

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