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Four students sat with the headteacher

This week marks the beginning of the examination season. Staff and students are working tremendously hard to ensure examination syllabuses are completed, controlled assessment deadlines are met and the necessary revision is undertaken to prepare as fully as possible for success.

The Year 11 teaching time table will finish on Friday 22nd May, which is the last day of half-term. After half-term students will either be sitting examinations or attend revision classes for subjects they are still to be examined in.

During the last half-term the learning resource centre has been opened until 7pm (every Tuesday and Thursday) to support pupils with their independent learning. In addition extra revision sessions have been undertaken after school every day and during weekends. These sessions have been very well attended and I am grateful to those colleagues who have volunteered to stay on at the end of the school day and have been so generous with their free time.

This is also SAT’s week, a very important time for our primary school colleagues and their Year 6 pupils (many of whom will be joining us in September 2015).

Please keep our Year 11 students and the Year 6 primary school pupils in your thoughts and prayers as we approach this pivotal stage of their school life.

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In our #Mass this morning we will be praying that all staff and students of @CorpusLeeds have a happy and restful half term.

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