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“Fully Booked” in the School Library!

To become a librarian, students fill out an application form and once accepted (initially for one term), are then trained by Miss Busby or an experienced student librarian. As the Student Librarians grow in experience, so do their responsibilities. Student Librarians work during break and lunch times once a week. Each librarian is issued with a lapel badge.

Student Librarians carry out a variety of tasks such as managing the library desk and issuing books, carrying out shelf checks and processing new books, assisting students working on computers, setting up displays, helping out at library events such as World Book Day and representing the library at Open Evenings. As well as the everyday duties such as helping to catalogue new stock, label and shelve books, a vital part of a Student Librarian’s work is to support fellow students in the Library with any queries and sharing their love of books.

At the end of the year, each Student Librarian is awarded a certificate in recognition of their contributions to the Library.

One of our Student Librarians wrote: I have learnt how to offer good customer service skills through being a librarian. I love suggesting books that I have read to other students. It feels rewarding to share my passion for reading with others. The role has taught me how to manage my time-keeping and improve my organisational skills. I know that I can transfer these skills into the world of work and it will look good on my CV’.

We look forward to a new team of Student Librarians in the coming term.

Application forms will be available from 24th March.

Miss Busby,

School Librarian

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