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Thank you Reading Buddies

Our Reading Buddies scheme continues to be successful in developing the reading skills of our younger pupils.  At the end of term we said thank you to some of our Year 11 students who have played such an active part in supporting the scheme.

Mrs Brugger, Lead Teacher of Literacy is particularly proud and appreciative of their contribution to the scheme.

These Year 11 students have been reading buddies for two years, providing support for younger students with their reading. Today they leave the programme to concentrate on their final GCSE exams. We wish them well”.

Year 11 Reading Buddies

Shante, Mosope and Hannah. Year 11 Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies

Rickie & Jack have both enjoyed working with Reading Buddies

Year 11 Reading Buddies

Annie and Jade volunteered as reading buddies in year 9 and stayed with the scheme into Year 11.

Reading Buddies

Their reading materials are poles apart but Summer & Ellie have made great progress this year with Reading Buddies.

Cyber-Crime Competition Winners

Christi Catholic College have been crowned as the winners of the first ever West Yorkshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s schools CyberCrime competition ‘Block the Web Monsters’. 


Read Principal's Welcome

Good luck to all the Year 11 students involved in the Art exam today. #bethebestyoucanbe

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