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Student Homework

This year one of our priorities as a college is homework. A letter has been sent out which outlines ways in which parent/carers are able to support their children at home. Homework is a valuable supplement to the learning experience for all students. It has a number of different purposes:

To develop independent learning skills

To prepare for subsequent lessons/test

To consolidate what is being learnt in lessons.

Homework is most valuable when it is clearly linked to current or future learning. Homework is a requirement of our Learning Model and must be completed. There are a variety of valuable homework tasks:

Researching (extended projects set over a longer period of time or resource gathering in preparation for future lessons)

Learning (e.g. vocabulary, spellings, facts)

Extension tasks that deepen the learning in the lesson

Writing assignments/drafting


Practising (e.g. presentations/newly acquired skills/examination questions)

Projects to supplement the learning (completed over a number of weeks)

Teachers will set a variety of tasks because students learn in different ways. If a set homework task requires students to use ICT to complete it, and they do not have access to a computer at home, they are encouraged to take advantage of the college’s ICT facilities at lunch time or after college. To help students manage their homework commitment a homework timetable has been created, one for each year group. Years 7 and 8 have their own form homework timetable. The Years 9, 10 and 11 homework timetable relates to their college timetable (i.e. A, B or Y). A copy of the homework timetable can be found in the curriculum area of this site.  There is no specific time expected for a piece of homework to be completed as the completion of a task will vary dependant on the student and their ability. However, students in KS4 will be expected to complete a substantial amount of study at home. Students should record their homework in their learning journal; parent/carers can also track homework via the Class Charts website where details of the task, date set, date due and where applicable a copy of the homework sheet given to students and guide time can be found. Parent/carers are asked to check the Learning Journals regularly and to encourage their children to complete homework tasks. If homework cannot be completed for a good reason, we ask that parent/carer make a note in the Learning Journal explaining to the teacher the reason for non-completion.

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Please note that Friday 21st October is a teacher training day. The college will be closed to students.

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