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A time for Corpus Christi to revisit its Mission as a Catholic community and ask the question, “What do we want our college community of faith to look like?”

To continue to build and strengthen our ethos and community because “it doesn’t just happen”. We all have a hand in making this special community!

To bring and live out the Gospel values in a fun and accessible way to both students and staff

To explore new ways of nurturing and developing faith within our college community

A time to strengthen links with parents, carers and parishes

A time for our own spiritual needs and a time to build our own relationship with God.

The overall theme is ‘Year of Mercy‘ but there will also be daily themes;

Monday :      Choose Life

Tuesday:       Who’s Ya Daddy ?

Wednesday: In the Light

Thursday:     Life to the Max

Friday:          Don’t stop me now !

The week will be ‘lively’, including art, dance, drama, music and subject themed learning tasks.

Look out for some special visitors who will be helping out in school this week;

Franciscan Sisters Sister Catherine, Sister Ciara and Sister Jacinta

Corpus Christi Chaplaincy Hub Volunteers Ben Cordy and Sarah Davison

Diocesan Youth Officer Hannah Hayward

Local Priests Fr Paul Fisher, Fr Eugene McGillycuddy, Fr Emmanuel, Fr Ghebreyesus, Fr Christopher McBride (in for Masses and Reconciliation)

Spiritual Life Development Policy Working Group Fr Michael Hall (in for Masses and Reconciliation)



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Today we will remember Ann together in a private and dignified way, and, as always, our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends

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