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The Hub: Year of Mercy Pilgrimage

On Monday 18th January a group of student chaplains, known as “The Hub” embarked upon a pilgrimage to Leeds Cathedral in response to Pope Francis’ invitation to celebrate a “Year of Mercy”.

Before the journey began, the students explored what it means to say that God is merciful and how we ourselves can be merciful. The students learnt about every Cathedral having a ‘Holy Door’ for this year and were excited to see door at Leeds Cathedral and enter in through it.

After a tour of the Cathedral led by Anna Bailey, Corpus Christi’s Lay Chaplain, the students then met Fr Matthew Habron, who welcomed them and invited them to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a beautiful way of entering into the ‘Year of Mercy’ personally. Many of the students took up the invitation, one student saying afterwards, ‘I always feel better after Confession. It does help you feel God’s love, doesn’t it?!’

The young Cathedral choir sang beautifully during Mass capturing the attention of the students and helping them to enter into prayer.

All good pilgrimages include a hearty meal and this pilgrimage was no excuse. Following Mass, the group headed to “Frankie and Benny’s” for a feast. The restaurant was chosen to include Popes Francis and Benedict in our thoughts on the pilgrimage!


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