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Corpus Christi Catholic College

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Guidance on College Uniform

Dear Parent / Carer

The wearing of the college uniform is required both during school hours and travelling to and from college.

All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name – should your child misplace an item of their uniform; this will help ensure it is returned quickly.

Our college uniform, including our PE kit, is available from Rawcliffes on Roundhay Rd, as well as Uniwears on Harehills Lane.

Rawcliffes 01132494025. Uniwears 01332351256


Uniform for Year 7 to Year 10

Uniform for Year 11

School Blazer

The wearing of the college blazer is compulsory when moving around college but may be removed in lessons when the weather is warm at the discretion of the teacher.

The wearing of the college jumper is optional but is the only jumper allowed. Hoodies or other types of sportswear are not allowed under the blazer instead of a jumper and will be confiscated and given back at the end of the College day.

College Trousers (Skirts to be phased out by September 2024 and will no longer be allowed)

  • Only tailored black smart school trousers are permitted. Jeans, leggings or jeggings are not allowed.
  • Trousers must be worn at waist height at all times.
  • Black belts may be worn, however different coloured belts, large belts or fashion belts are not permitted.


  • Your child requires a white shirt/blouse that buttons at the collar. This is particularly important as clip on ties will only attach to a fully buttoned shirt.
  • All students are required to have their shirts tucked in at all times.


  • All students must wear the school tie at all times. This can be purchased online at school or through the usual suppliers.
  • Years 7-10 tie is purple with grey stripe. Year 11 tie is grey with purple stripe.


  • Plain Black or navy coats only.
  • Hoodies, sports tops, denim jackets and leather jackets must be removed at the gate or they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.
  • Coats must not be worn inside the building except whilst in the dining hall.
  • Hoods must not be up when on College                  


  • Plain black leather shoes with a black sole must be worn at all times in the building.
  • (Pumps, canvas shoes, mules, backless casual shoes, trainers, boots, ankle boots, footwear with logos, stripes, ticks, crocodiles, makers’ names, metal or fabric tags and soles of any colour other than black are not allowed)
  • Should a student have a medical reason that means they have to wear alternative footwear, they must bring a medical note from a doctor. Any alternative footwear must be all black


  • Plain black ankle socks only are to be worn


Head wear

  • No baseball caps are allowed
  • Hats must not be worn in the building
  • Religious Headwear (eg. Hijabs, Turbans, Prayer Hats, Kipper) must be plain black


  • Students are allowed one pair of small stud earrings- one in each ear. This must be silver or gold only. No studs with gemstones or glass are allowed. Students are not allowed a cartilage piercing.
  • Nose, lip, tongue and eyebrow jewellery, or other facial piercing is not allowed and cannot be covered by plasters.
  • Wrist watches can be worn, but smart watches are not allowed and will be confiscated
  • Rings, bracelets and nose piercings are not allowed- they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day


Make up

  • False eye lashes are not allowed and parents will be contacted to facilitate removal
  • Nails need to be a pale natural colour and of a length that is practical for work
  • Nail varnish, false nails or nail extensions are not allowed


Hair styles

For all students, only natural hair colours are permitted. Pink, red, green etc are not permitted. Students should not have patterns, lines or symbols cut into their hair or eyebrows. It would be impossible to have an exhaustive list of what is/is not permissible; any permissible hairstyle will be at the Principal’s discretion.

All students must adhere to these expectations (including those outlined in our behaviour policy) otherwise they will be out of circulation until they are rectified.

PE Kit

  • Polo Shirt- Purple with white trim and college badge for indoor lessons and summer term outdoor lessons.
  • Shorts- Black with white trim.
  • Football socks- plain black
  • Trainers- suitable for sport e.g. appropriate grip and ankle support. Fashion trainers are not permitted.
  • Football boots.

Optional Kit items for Outdoor Activities

  • Jogging bottoms- Plain black with the college badge.
  • Skins- Plain black and should be worn under the polo shirt for lessons.
  • Quarter zip training top- with college badge.
  • School black leggings.

Kit Policy

If your child is unable to take part in their PE lesson due to medical reasons, please provide a note via the planner. They will be expected to take part (if possible) e.g. in the capacity of an official.

Please label all PE kit clearly with your child’s name. Any kit that is found can then be returned.

Dance, Drama & Performing Arts Uniform

Key Stage 3

  • PE top, PE trousers and no leggings

Key Stage 4

  • Performing Arts top, black tracksuit trousers, no leggings

For health & safety reasons, all students are expected to be in half socks or trainers and long hair must be tied back.


Other Essential Information

Other Essential Information

Student Planner

All students will be given a planner on their first day. Regular monitoring takes place to ensure students using their planner correctly. The planner is an excellent means of communication between home and college and we encourage parents/carers to use it as a means of tracking their child’s progress. If your child loses their planner, a replacement must be purchased from the college.

 Equipment for College

Students are expected to bring the following to school every day in a school bag:

  • a pencil case
  • black pen, green pen and a purple pen
  • pencil, ruler and rubber
  • scientific calculator
  • protractor and a compass
  • Spanish & French dictionary (Key Stage 3 – Years 7, 8 & 9)
  • Student Planner and a reading book


Bags should be big enough to hold A4 size books and files. Small bags such as boot bags are not suitable.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone and/or headphone use is not permitted in the College. If parents wish their child to bring a phone to school, they must be switched off before students enter the gate at the top of the drive and kept in bags and not switched on until they leave the school building at the end of the day. 


If a member of staff sees a mobile phone, it will be confiscated and the phone will be handed back to the student at the end of the day. This will result in a negative code being given in line with PROUD. The College accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged mobile phones or headphones.


Energy drinks, chewing gum and sweets.

The College promotes a healthy lifestyle for all. Fizzy drinks, energy drinks, sweets, large bars of chocolate, share bags of crisps and chewing gum are not permitted. These items will be disposed of if seen. 

Students are not permitted to sell or distribute food, drinks or anything else.

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