Corpus Christi Catholic College

Corpus Christi Catholic College

Laborare est orare, to work is to pray

Our Mission

Our Mission

Laborare est orare – To work is to pray


Together we work, learn, pray, grow

In order to achieve this we will always try to:

Praise God in prayer and worship

Respect and support each other

Work to become the best we can be

Celebrate and rejoice in the talents of all

Provide equal opportunities for all

Build links with our community and care for our environment

Be open to God’s power working in our lives

We are a Catholic College where each and every child is loved and valued in having a divine origin and an eternal destiny. Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church underpin all aspects of College life and we place Christ at the centre of all that we do. We seek to challenge and support our students as they grow in to adulthood, knowing it is important for them to do their best, care for those around them and bear witness to Christ in the modern world.

Corpus Christi continues to retain the traditional values for which we have gained a strong reputation in the local area; a strong Christian ethos, a broad and varied curriculum, excellent teaching, high expectations and outstanding pastoral care. We are aspirational for all our young people and strive to meet the needs of every child, irrespective of their ability, to ensure they maximise their potential both in and outside of the classroom.

Our students are our finest ambassadors: hardworking, friendly, fun to be with and genuinely pleasant and polite young people. We are proud of their many achievements and believe this success is based on strong partnership between school and home. We are committed to serving our local community, supporting our partner primary schools and local parishes. We work in close collaboration with other schools, colleges and the wider community for our mutual good.

As a Catholic College we are particularly conscious of the need to create opportunities for reflection, prayer and worship. Each day begins with prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist is central to the life of the College. We try to put our mission as a Catholic College into practice every day in the way we treat others and by working, learning, praying and growing together to become the people God has called us to be.

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