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End of Year Letter

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The college Principal reflects on the college year and provides information on arrangements for the end of term. Link

PSHCE Award Winners

On Friday 6th July, two of our Year 10 students  visited Leeds Civic Hall to represent the college in their roles as PSHCE Ambassadors. Following their presentation on Healthy Eating, they received the Healthy School Champions award and Mind-Mate Friendly status from the Lord Mayor.

“We felt proud to represent the school and look forward to handing over our responsibilities as PSHCE Ambassadors to the new PSHCE Ambassadors of 2018. We are also proud to have been a part of the success in receiving these prestigious whole school awards

Transition Booklet

Our new Year 7 students joining us in September have all been set their first homework for completion over the summer.

A copy of the booklet provided  is available for download here. link

Read Principal's Welcome

Well done to all students involved in the Performing Arts Summer Showcase and the Sports Awards this week. You've… https://t.co/De1kU944vu

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